Understanding Audience Needs

After primary research my final question has changed to reflect the results. It is now “How might we engage high school students with creative thinking through play?” This is a result from interviewing my old high school art teacher, surveying current college students and working professionals, and analysis on game based systems. Overwhelmingly, people associated creativity with the arts, it is not often seen as something transferable across subjects, english, writing, and mathematics for example were not brought up at all. This leads to those who pursue the arts to do so on a fluency, and ability based program that excludes from those who are not given the opportunity to develop artistic sensibilities.

Not everyone is going to be an artist, designer or work in the creative industry, I know that. However many are never exposed to the idea, and the ones who are exposed typically learn through an art system that is focused on ability and not offered to all in high school education. Creativity does not always equal fine arts, and students have a need to be engaged in order to create opportunity and provide useful information.

I am a current Senior pursuing a BFA in Graphic Design at the University of Arkansas. I eagerly seek to create works that are clever, beautiful & succinct.